Hidden Sweet Water Lake | Arambol | Goa

The beautiful sweet water lake at Arambol, Goa is surrounded by hills and there is a small strip of sand which separates the sea and this small lake.

This place is quite secluded and it doesn't get as busy as other tourist spots in Goa. Its a great place to relax and escape from the beating sun. Paliem Sweet Water Lake is near Arambol beach. You need to walk for 15-20 mins through the beautiful Goan coastline to reach this place. You need to travel through the small shopping lanes across the Main Arambol Beach, which is again a beautiful experience in itself. After you reach the 'kalacha beach' you have to make your way through rocky path and you land on a beautiful & secluded beach. Just backside towards the mountains you can locate a small and beautiful body of water known as "Sweet Water Lake".

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