Devarakonda Fort & Ethipothala Waterfalls | Telangana

Took a one day trip to a Fort and a Waterfall, three hours away from Hyderabad with childhood friends after six years before Christmas 2018.

Devarakonda Fort is at a distance of nearly 200 kms from Hyderabad on Nagarjuna Sagar road from where tourists need to take a small diversion from Kondalpahad. It takes about 3 hours to reach this place by road.

The Devarakonda village is home to one of the most astonishing forts found in Telangana. The village attracts many tourists from over the world. There was a time when the fort stood high in place flaunting the glory of the village, but now due to negligence, the fort is in ruins.

For people who love to explore the chronicles of the state, then the Devarakonda Fort must have place in your to-visit list. A visit into this spectacular fort is like stepping in to a historical trance with every corner of the fort unveiling the great tales of bravery, of struggles and of the triumph of its rulers. In the premises of fort stand the Rama and Shiva temples constructed by Maada Naidu.

Ethipothala Falls is a 70 feet high river cascade, situated in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Located on the Chandravanka river, which is a tributary of River Krishna joining on its right bank. The waterfall is a combination of three streams namely Chandravanka Vagu, Nakkala Vagu and Tummala Vagu.

Check out the YouTube video below.

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