First Skydiving | Florida

There is no greater feeling than getting your adrenaline pumped. This is the story about the day I jumped from a plane. 

Took a road trip to Florida from North Carolina during a long weekend to enjoy the key west and the Florida night life and on our way back to North Carolina planned to do skydiving at the Florida Skydiving Center.

I have always had all kinds of adventure sports in my bucket list. Sky diving was one of the top adventure sports in the list. 

On the day of the sky dive I would happily admit I was pretty nervous, I was so excited that I couldn’t stay calm and stand still. I din't even spend any time reading the waiver before signing it, I just wanted to be done with the formalities and get into the plane. Which is never a good idea and I would not suggest anyone to do that. 

I had a tandem instructor who walked me through the whole jump from exit through free fall, piloting the canopy, and landing. 

He put the harness on me and triple checked each and every inch of the harness and the parachute before wrapping it up and putting it in his pack. 

I felt I was born ready to do this. I had a Superman T-shirt on just so that it’ll make me feel invulnerable but to my surprise the instructor told me to wear another piece of clothing so that I don’t feel cold in the air because the temperatures are usually 10 degrees colder than on the ground.

The skydive happened really fast, a few minutes in the plane to get to 18,000 feet, free fall lasted about 30 seconds, parachute ride was amazing as the instructor let me pilot the canopy, and before I knew it, I was back on the ground. I was so pumped by the end of it that I felt that I could do this all day.

I had payed to get my whole experience filmed in a GoPro and while I was waiting for crew to edit the video, I was given the jump certificate with a magazine about their diving school. I was so impressed and mesmerized by those instructors that I decided I also wanted to become one. It would take me about 25 tandem jumps at which time you can apply for a USPA "A" license, after passing a written test and demonstration of skydiving proficiency.

As I was waiting for the video to be edited, I thought I would buy souvenirs and found a log book where you can log your 25 jumps to use to apply for a license and I bought it as I had made up my mind to become an instructor. While I was waiting I started reading the magazine they had given me earlier and it had a section called incident report. 

It was an article about deaths during sky dives that had occurred during the last two months. They were gruesome incidents, that’s when I realized that I had survived jumping from a plane and those wavers are not for namesake. My dream of become an instructor had withered away with in minutes after it was manifested. But it was one of the most memorable days of my life and everyone who is wants to give it a try should do it because it’s a once in a life time experience. 

When ever you get to do it, don't miss out on the view! There's no other way to see the world like you can in a free fall or from beneath a parachute, so don’t forget to smile and enjoy it.

Check out the YouTube video below.

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